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When we designed our service offerings, we spent a lot of time studying our competitors and their products. As a result we realized that the customer is often confused by what resources they have allocated and what they can and can't do with their hosting services. This is why we decided to make it clear to our customers what they are paying for and why we are upfront with our offerings from the get go in terms of disk space, bandwidth, and restrictions. With no fine print in our Terms of Service, be assured there are no unpleasant surprises. We've combined our honesty with top-of-the-line hardware and network providers, and an in-house support team who is always willing to go above and beyond to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, we provide our customers with the tools they need to build a remarkable online presence coupled with the support to help our clients focus on what matters most to them. All while maintaining our premier infrastructure.

Why Choose Us?

DaddyHosts is one of the World’s leading independent cloud hosting companies, providing the best in business and affordable cloud hosting solutions for thousands of customers worldwide.

You are probably aware the hosting industry is very saturated with many businesses offering you crazy amounts of resources and the price is just 99p or something stupidly similar! One thing that always lives up to its name in this industry is you get what you pay for! DaddyHosts only use high quality and high performance Dell servers, we never use the cheaper alternatives to save a few hundred pound to have to replace broken parts within a year!

We prefer to invest in the best and provide a higher quality of service. One example of this, some of our servers contain multiple Samsung 2TB Enterprise SSD hard disk drives, these cost $2,000 each compared to the standard 2TB SATA drives that cost $25-$55 each (depending on brand), which one do you think the $1 / unlimited disk space hosts would choose?

We have supplied quality cloud hosting services since 2012 and have won a number of awards. DaddyHosts hosts all dedicated servers in state-of-the-art datacenter. We do not use other companies’ networks or datacentres, allowing us full control over all aspects of hosting.

As long as the internet continues to evolve, so will we. We never stand still; we’re always investing in our services and platforms to ensure we maintain our industry-leading reputation and are able to meet the ever changing needs of our customers as they grow with us.

If your wanting a hosting company who’ll look after your website and aim to provide you with the best possible service, then DaddyHosts are the perfect hosting company for you.

Dell PowerEdge Servers with Enterprise SSD Storage
Latest Microsoft Windows Server & SQL Server 2016
Smartermail Enterprise Edition with Plesk Onyx!

Perfect for Wordpress

There is no question about it, Wordpress is taking over the internet! Everyone now wants to build their website on the most dynamic website building CMS in the world! Wordpress is fantastic when its done right, one thing many forget to do with Wordpress is keep it up to date, if you don't update your Wordpress, plugins and themes regular you will get hacked regardless of who is hosting it!

Our Wordpress manager will automate this task for you keeping your Wordpress, plugins and themes up to date.

Our Linux hosting is perfect for Wordpress, as heavy Wordpress users ourselves we know whatmakes Wordpress perform at its peak so we’ve installed tools on our servers to get the most out of Wordpress.

We’ve also wrote a blog which will help explain this at “10 reason why to host Wordpress with us”

More Reasons To Choose Us

Yes! It is even more reasons why you should choose Us. We could write about them for eternity but we know that your time is valuable so don’t waste it. Work with Us!

An All-in-one Package
Our website hosting packages contain everything you need to run your website properly, including web space, email hosting, DNS and everything else you need to get your website online.
Excellent Technical Support
Our award-winning 24-hour tech support team pride themselves on an average response time of under fifteen minutes and our live chat feature lets you speak to our experts, should something go wrong. We know a downed website can be crippling for a business, so we’ll always aim to have your question or problem resolved as soon as possible.
We Provide High-performance Networks And Hardware
We constantly reinvest in our hardware to bring you the best possible services for the lowest possible costs. If we reinvest and upgrade, we’ll provide you with the new service for cheaper and help you switch, too!


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Good hosting service
They are always online on chat support when we need to support. As you know there major GMT time...
Ferhat Karatas
As always
As always - these guys are good - used them now for nearly 2 years - and still the same good service.
Kirk Lauf
I have been with
DaddyHosts for 2 years and can thoroughly recommend their services. Very competitive pricing...
Simon Paige
I have 4 packages with
these guys and have done for years. The service has been absolutely top drawer from the moment...
Darren Marsden
Amazing Service
I have taken hosting services from this company. Excellent Team, very Responsive and Supportive Team....
Santosh Kumar
Excellent Support Service
I have been with daddyhosts.com for a number of years now and have only had two problems in all...
Andre Jason

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